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In 2004, Architect David Hovey began his latest project, Optima Old Orchard Woods. The project, which consists of three 20-story condominiums, was unique from the very

beginning. Through the company he founded, Optima Inc, Hovey took on the roles of Owner/Architect/Developer for the project. The buildings were designed in succession, allowing tenants to move into the first building while the remaining two were yet to be built.

Because of the diligence of the Project Management Team at Maron Electric, the towers were completed on schedule and within budget in 2008. Utilizing the available features, Maron Electric placed as much conduit in the decks and slabs as

possible, allowing for a building that is attractive, reliable, and safe, inside and out. Even as development became strained due to a national economic downturn, Maron

Electric remained loyal to the initial bid and instead relied

on ingenuity to produce the best possible final product.

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