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Thermal Camera Screening Protocols (TCSP)

As many of our customers finalize and implement action plans to (re)open their buildings and businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is critically important to ensure the safety of frontline staff and the community as a whole.  The most efficient and accurate method to screen multiple persons for elevated temperatures as they enter any facility is through the use of Thermal Camera Screening Protocols (TCSP). A member of our Life Safety Team will be available to further explain the TCSP solution and how it can be implemented for the specific needs of your customers at their venues and entrances.   

Some of the benefits of this approach are as follows:


  • Strengthens your Public Health Emergency Response Plan

  • Puts tenants at ease with a less invasive fever screening process

  • Accurate within +/- .3 ℃

  • This is a no contact, social distancing supporting initial fever screening solution

  • Guided Installation and Training


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